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The Anthropocentric View Of The Environmentalists

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To Their Own Flesh And Blood
When it comes to exploitation the ingenuity is limitless
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Celebrating Suffering

The goal of the End All Suffering initiative is to establish a movement who seeks for a sufferingless world.

Although indeed accomplishable, it is a difficult and complicated mission, therefore instead of starting by lunching our own research team, we formed the End All Suffering movement.
We are promoting an ambitious idea but we are not pretentious, unrealistic people, so the first thing we try to do is create more of us.

A link to our website and a CD version with most of the website (it is too big for one CD) was sent to the most radical animal rights and liberation organizations in the world. We see you all as the potential rescuers, the only chance the sufferers have.
If you know more people that care enough and are brave enough to do whatever it takes to end suffering, please make sure they get it.

The website consists of supporting ideas for the goal of the movement in the form of multimedia articles, slideshows, a photogallery and a video section.
We tried to refer to as many suffering elements as we could, so in addition to the more familiar industries such as meat, eggs, milk, fur, vivisection, zoo, circus and etc. we tried to apply to the less common issues such as premarin, honey (and not as an answer to the question "is honey vegan?" as part of the organization FAQ, but as a huge suffering causer industry), leather (and not as answer to the question "is it wrong to wear leather even though the animal was killed anyway" as part of the organization FAQ, but as an independent exploitation industry), donkey basketball, bears gal, emus' meat, auctions, sumpters, cockfighting, elephant soccer and many more. We are working on more topics which are currently unaddressed and we hope that they will be published very soon.

Each and every one of the current 45 Articles and 99 Videoments is an independent argument and also a part of the big puzzle with one unequivocal conclusion.
In addition to the attempt to comprehensively cover as many topics as possible (in a reasonable time), the articles format is slightly different than usual. Each article is compound from audio, video, photo and of course text, in a semi interactive form.

So all in all, every animal rights activist will find interest in this website regardless of his/hers current opinion on the general idea and regardless of our belief that every serious activist should address every idea with a rational and open minded approach.

We have put a lot of effort assembling the Photogallery which consists of 13,763 images under 69 categories (the largest on the net as far as we know), the Video Section (consists of 126 videos under 32 categories) and the mentioned Slideshow Section and Articles Section, because they are all reasons, arguments and factual support to our main argument which is comprehensively expressed in our Manifest.

If you still have some questions and unsolved issues, we set up a FAQ (frequently asked questions section) where we tried to confront with every anticipated question, response and comment and of course with questions we were asked in the past. Please feel free to raise any question, query or disfavor using our email, guestbook or forum, from factual information correction to arguments confrontation.

For obvious reasons we maintain alternative website addresses. We suggest you copy them in case this one won't work in the future.

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